Refund / Cancellation Policy - Unlock Phone SIM

1. Refunds will be given if an unlock has not been delivered within 30 days and has not already been rejected for any reason. You cannot cancel prior to the 30 day window as our contract with our suppliers is 30 days and we incur costs as soon as the unlock is submitted.

2. Unlock Phone SIM will not refund an order that has been submitted for unlocking and is being processed. We incur the cost of unlocking immediately and can not provide a refund because a customer has decided to use an alternative service whilst we are processing the unlock within our 30 day contract terms. If you cannot wait for your code to process, DO NOT PURCHASE.

3. Some devices will have a set amount of input attempts, we will not refund if this has been breached.

4. Blacklisted / stolen / lost phones / incorrect network provided (also known as Blocked) - The term black listed covers phones that are not paid off, lost, stolen, insurance claimed etc. It is the customer's responsibility to check whether the device is blacklisted. Lost, stolen and abused handsets are barred/blocked once reported and cannot be used inside the country it was blocked in on any major networks. If we undertake an unlock and find the phone has been marked Blocked and is in fact logged as either lost, stolen, abused, bad ESN and/or contract issues, we cannot refund your payment. We cannot unlock blacklisted phones, so please check before ordering.

5. It is up to the customer to ensure the correct input of the phone's information and customer information when purchasing. The IMEI entered into the site must be found on the phone by dialling *#06#. If the IMEI, phone number or network provided is later found to be submitted incorrectly by the customer then a refund will not be provided and the unlock request will come back “Blocked”.

6. If an order is made with Unlock Phone SIM and an unlock is sent to you; you the customer must provide us with video proof that the unlock has failed to unlock your device, the device is still locked and provide full details of the procedure you took. Only then will a refund be issued. This video must be provided within 5 days of receipt of the code. No refunds are given after this point regardless of video provided.

7. If your phone was already unlocked before you purchased an unlocking service, that will not be considered grounds for a refund. It is up to the customer to determine this prior to purchasing the unlock.

8. If your device has an iCloud activation lock and you can not activate it, you must remove the iCloud account by contacting the owner of the device. We will not provide a refund where we have completed a sim carrier unlock which you are unable to use due to an Activation Lock.

9. There are no refunds if a customer is attempting to unlock their phone to use on a non-compatible network. Unlocking is specific to GSM phones only and does not allow the user to start using a CDMA network. It is up to the customer to research if their network can be used with an unlocked GSM phone.

10. does not provide refunds for any customer that has altered their phone in anyway prior to, during or after the purchase & deliver of an unlock code which deems the unlock not possible. Codes may not work if any part of the phone has been altered, our codes are for stock phones. This deals with refurbished phones.

11. There are no refunds given if a customer purchases an unlock code, it is delivered, then it is claimed that they found the code elsewhere for cheaper. In addition to this there is no refund given if a customer requests a price match AFTER payment is made.

12. The delivery times on the website are ESTIMATED and not guaranteed, there are no refunds due to wait time as we can not cancel the order once we submit it to the manufacturer.

By purchasing an unlock code on the customer agrees to the aforementioned Refund Policy. The customer waives their right to a refund if an unlock code is delivered and a refund is requested but is in breach of our terms.